Located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Shawan Downs is beautiful property that has gone from being a small piece of a much larger working farm to a first-class equestrian center. Home to the Legacy Chase, Shawan Downs maintains its rich historic and agricultural heritage while bringing entertainment to the region.

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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Shawan Downs relies on the generosity of our donors to help us maintain the property, which in turn allows us to hold first-class events. We hope you will lend your support through a today.

Our History

In the summer of 1997, the heirs to Shawan Farms sold 300 acres of mostly inactive farmland near Hunt Valley in Baltimore County. Unsettled by the growing likelihood that eager homebuilders would transform the tranquil acreage into a cluttered, bustling development, a group of local citizens acquired the property under the aegis of the Land Preservation Trust (LPT), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. The property is now preserved and the intention is to maintain its agricultural legacy, allowing no new residential development.

Re-branded as Shawan Downs, the property has grown into a first-class equestrian center and steeplechase course which is home to the Legacy Chase each September. This premier event has established itself as an annual “must attend” event for many Marylanders.

Shawan Downs also features several other steeplechase races and eventing competitions throughout the year. In keeping with the center’s preservation mission, no significant infrastructure is required to accommodate the equestrian facilities.

Shawan Downs Property

Situated between the bustling Hunt Valley Town Center and the peaceful Worthington Valley, Shawan Downs is the perfect transition between the urban and rural settings that make-up Baltimore County. Come see us today.

The Courses

Shawan Downs features flat and steeplechase courses for racing under the sanction of the National Steeplechase Association. Designed by former New York Racing Association racetrack superintendent Joe King, the near 1 1/8 mile steeplechase course is noteworthy for its safety and aesthetics. The irrigation system enables the course to be maintained at a professional level.


The Barns

The Shawan Downs property includes a once-magnificent, twin-silo barn in need of restoration. The Land Preservation Trust anticipates the barn’s rehabilitation; however, a partnership with an appropriate end user who shares in the Shawan Downs mission will be necessary to complete such restoration.

Preserving a Legacy

The Land Preservation Trust has worked to protect Baltimore County’s agricultural and rural heritage for more than 20 years. LPT is dedicated to the preservation of Baltimore County’s historic landscape.


To date property owners have worked with LPT to permanently preserve more than 280 properties containing 10,300 acres. LPT has developed Shawn Downs into a state of the art steeplechase course to celebrate the equestrian heritage of the area.

The Piney Run Watershed Rural Legacy Area sponsored by LPT is one of the most successful Rural Legacy areas in Maryland.

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LPT is dedicated to preserving the beauty and agricultural flavor of the area. If you would like to consider adding your land to the list of preserved properties in the area, please contact Ned Halle at 410-771-9900, x106 or via email